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Mental Health and Wellness


Minds Wide Open - Tianqiao & Chrissy Chen Institute

Posted 1/27/2020. Created by Tianqiao & Chrissy Chen Institute

Type: Video

Description: Minds Wide Open is a documentary commissioned by Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo. The film showcases recent, exciting developments that are moving us closer than ever to unlocking the mysteries of the brain. Featuring leading international scientists and compelling patient stories, Minds Wide Open makes the case that increased support is critical if we are to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to advance brain science and create a better world.

The Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI) was created in 2016 with a goal to improve the human experience by understanding how our brains perceive, learn and interact with the world. With a U.S. $1 billion commitment from its founders, TCCI supports fundamental brain research and the young scientists who are conducting it.

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